Re: OFFTOPIC: how do i make level restricted rooms.

From: StormeRider (silk@ICI.NET)
Date: 05/01/98

At 12:14 PM 5/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Daniel Koepke wrote:
>> On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Del Minturn wrote:
>> ->Going along with this.. how about a MAX_LEVEL also(including objects)??
>> What would the point of that be?!  I don't think anyone cares if a
>> level 30 uses a weapon in the 5-10 level range.  They can suck if they
>> want to...(and actually, I never liked the concept of min-levels for
>> objects, either).

*nods* They're usually a better way to improve skills on MUDs that have
autoimproving skills.

>It appears you don't like much of anything. How's this for a concept?
>Maximum level for area's (NEWBIE ZONE) to prevent higher levels from
>going in there and messing with newbies, or killing mobs that are meant
>for newbies.
>Training zones for levels (JediMUD has them). Minimum and Maximum levels
>for area's.
>Newbie Equipment having a Max level on them to get newbie's to look for
>better equipment. Why run around using the same ol Leather Armor for 20
>levels. Maybe force them to find something more for thier
>level/class/race or what ever.
>I am sure there are more reasons.. Open your mind and explore the

Chances are he has... take a look at some of the work hes done and realize
hes not as close minded as you think.

>I was bluntly told that you are a veteran on here. If that is so, why
>have you been so negetive about things such as directions, level
>restrictions, and other things.

Because its his personal opinion. And since when did veteran status here,
on in the military,
have ANYTHING to do with being a warm fluffy nice guy? He's done a lot and
will do a lot more, and has every right to voice his opinions. He just
excercises that right more than most.

Dealing with his opinions is a first step in this realm. And believe me,
once you cross verbal sabres and then move to the realm of private email
with him you might actually find out that he is a nice guy after all.

You just dont see that part yet.
>> What would the point of that be?!  I don't think anyone cares if a
>Can you actually think? or is it you don't care what others think? I
>happen to fall into the catagory "anyone" and I do care.. so please stop
>talking as if you represent the entire MUD community.
>"We thank you for your support"

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