Re: Quinn, (& sittable objs)

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 05/01/98

> Sittable objects - maybe a flag could be put on each object, saying what
> happens...
> Like if IS_WEAPON it replies "Ouch!  That hurt your butt!" and forces you
> to stand up!
> or IS_EGG it replies "Are you trying to hatch that?"
> or IS_FOOD it replies "I wouldn't want to eat that now..."
> It also opens the game up for something like a magic cushion that you
> carry around, drop on the ground and sit on to regen mana.  Or a
> director's chair that regen's HP.  Done resting?  Pick it back up and put
> it in your backpack...  How about a toy pony or rocking horse...

        As apparently easy as it is to simply add flags, to add flags for
something like each general type of object would require well, many flags.
Why don't you just use the action description - or if you're using that
for the message when you sit down, why don't you make a duplicate of it
for when you fail to sit on it, or when you sit up....
        If you just make one for when you sit up - you can use that as the
fail to sit on it - since if sit mesg is null, and get up isn't, its a
non-sense situation, so you'll saveyourself an extra string.


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