Re: Quinn, Autoexperience thoughts (& sittable objs)

From: Ben Shadwick (bshadwic@CLARK.EDU)
Date: 05/01/98

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Matt McLaughlin wrote:

>   Ahhh.. Whoh..   what the hell..  Am I yet another victim of the Quinn
> epidemic.   My mud has been down for about ohh say almost a year..
> Furthermore.. i might add that if it was as stock as you say it was.. then
> how come it was Ranked in the top 20 worldwide 3 days after i put it on the
> connector.

Sorry about being off-topic, but if you're going to post such a long
reply, could you please consider using commas next time? The way you abuse
periods makes it extremely hard to make sense of what you are trying to
say (and also diminishes your credibility if you're trying to say
something you think is worth listening to). Thanks.

>   I vote for Quinn to be rejected from the List..  ALL IN FAVOR SAY IIIIIIII

I think the both of you are acting with behaviour beneath that which
should be expressed on a mailing list of around 400 people who want to
share ideas and ask questions about coding in and running CircleMUD. I
don't understand why people have to start whining and engaging in personal
attacks against each other, their ideas, and/or their MUDs. I don't want
to take sides, but can't we PLEASE just drop this stupid Quinn thing once
and for all (that goes for Quinn too) and talk about CircleMUD instead?
Last I checked, this is the CircleMUD Mailing List, not the Quinn Mailing

Again, I apologize for the off-topic nature of this post, but I'm starting
to get sick of this kind garbage wasting space in my mailbox. Thank you
for listening.

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