Re: Copyovering on SIG{SEGV,BUS,..}

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 05/01/98

On Fri, 1 May 1998, Erwin S. Andreasen wrote:

->Hm, and also... I think memory needs to be aligned to be mprotected.

It needs to be aligned to a multiple of getpagesize(), AFAIK.  But,
more importantly, I've heard it mentioned that POSIX.1b says
mprotect() can only be used on memory that has been obtained from

Also, AFAIK, there is no munprotect().  The default state of memory is
read/write, so you'd call mprotect() with PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE.


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