Re: CAN_SEE error

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 05/02/98

Chris Powell <darkness@CHESHIRE.GATOR.NET> writes:

> (gdb) info locals
> ch = (struct char_data *) 0x80e41c8
> type = 1
> to = (struct char_data *) 0x400a059c
> sleep = 0

The to variable is invalid.  It's pointing very very far away from
normal memory (variables from memory allocation should begin with 0x8,
and stack variables should be allocated around 0xb... global variables
are in the 0x8's too).

Something has either corrupted the next_in_room, or it was overwritten
on the stack (very doubtful).

James Turner     

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