Re: Progress of New Database Parser

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 05/03/98

On 5/3/98 2:32 PM, JWoodsIII ( stated:

>I like your idea a lot. But I have a feature idea that hopefully isn't too
>difficult...what if you made it check files to see if they're the old WLD
>style first? Maybe you already have this. But it would make life a lot easier
>for implementors who already have a lot of zones. Who would want to go around
>changing each individual room? You know? :-)

Thats easy to do!

The parsers as they are work on "streams"/buffers of data - i.e, char *s,
rather than files.  To work on a file, the file must be read in
completely (or at least a single block, which isn't difficult to do - I
will be providing functions to read in a block ({..}) from a file -
simply modified versions of the ones used to extract a block from a

It would be the master-parser's job to determine which bit of info must
be parsed, and how.
The master-parser isn't even begun yet, but is a trivial job - I want the
main parsers and parser-functions finished first.

- Chris Jacobson

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