Re: Oasis with 128 bit support

From: Jeannie Stauffer (jeannies@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 05/04/98

heh... I had this problem too and I finally figured it out.

instead of
TOGGLE_BIT_AR(MOB_FLAGS(OLC_MOB(d)), 1 << (i - 1));


Same goes for the TOGGLE_BIT_AR in oedit and redit.

Bon chance!

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From: J Horn <jhorn@FUZZY.PI-INC.COM>
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Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 2:24 PM
Subject:  Oasis with 128 bit support

>I've been away from the mailing list a few months.  Please forgive me if
>this question has been asked already...
>I've taken stock version 12 circle and applied the 128 bit patch as well
>as Oasis with 128 bit support.  I found no rejects, so everything seems
>good so far.  I removed all zones but god simplex, limbo, and northern
>midgaard and I converted the files for those zones to work with the new
>128 bit setup.  The problem I have noticed right away is when I medit a
>mob and change NPC FLAGS.  For instance, if I choose 3 (SCANVENGER) it
>adds AWARE, if I choose 7 (STAY-ZONE) nothings shows up, if I choose 17
>(!BASH) the mud crashes.
>gdb output... (I'm a BIGTIME gdb newbie...)
>Core was generated by `bin/circle -q 4000'.
>Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
>find_solib: Can't read pathname for load map: Input/output error
>#0  0x808776c in medit_parse (d=0x80f9798, arg=0xbffff878 "17") at
>1077          TOGGLE_BIT_AR(MOB_FLAGS(OLC_MOB(d)), 1 << (i - 1));
>(gdb) info local
>d = (struct descriptor_data *) 0x80f9798
>arg = 0x80fb100 "***STRIPPED OUT GARBAGE***"
>i = 0
>Any help will greatly be appreciated...
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