Interposing hand spell

From: JTP94 (JTP94@AOL.COM)
Date: 05/05/98

This is my version of the well known spell, I would like suggestions on how to
improve upon performance of this spell. Currently the mana is used as a
countdown to determine when the spell creature has run out of energy. Problem
I foresee is mana increasing spells I have will sustain this when they are not
meant to. Therefore I have devised a IS_A_SPELL Affect which will be useable
on NPC's so thats not a problem. Any other things that you might be able to
assist me with would be greatly appreciated.
#define MOB_INTERPOSER   16
  struct char_data *mob;
  struct affected_type af;

  mob = read_mobile(MOB_INTERPOSER, VIRTUAL);
GET_MAX_HIT(mob)  = GET_HIT(ch);
GET_HIT(mob)      = GET_MAX_HIT(mob);
GET_LEVEL(mob)    = GET_LEVEL(ch);
GET_AC(mob)       = 0;
GET_MAX_MANA(mob) = 3 * GET_LEVEL(ch); /* max is 35th level to increase */
if (GET_MAX_MANA(mob) > 105)
  GET_MAX_MANA(mob) = 105;
GET_MANA(mob) = GET_MAX_MANA(mob);

  char_to_room(mob, victim->in_room);
  IS_CARRYING_W(mob) = 1000;
  IS_CARRYING_N(mob) = 1000;
  remember(victim, mob);
  if (FIGHTING(victim))
  hit(mob, victim, TYPE_UNDEFINED);
One other thing this mob has a MOB_BLOCKER flag and it knows its victim to
block through  MOB_MEMORY. I don't want this thing orderable like the original
spell it duplicates.

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