Re: Armor Types

From: Julian Buckley (buckley@PC.ELEC.UQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 05/05/98

Just in response to Alex's suggestion about armor cracking and stuff --- I
play on a MUD whereby the former implementor (Hi Bz!:)) thought about
adding damaged eq, that is, each fights deteoriates in % --- I personally
thought this was a great idea, but it made the more powerful players have
a whinge.  Although, when one thought about it --- the more powerful
players would've benefitted because the "newbies" would struggle to fund
repairs, and the better ones could just collect.  Although, I put up an
idea about having a damage restrict <= 14 --- that is, any over lvl_15
would have their equips damaged during battle.

One more thing --- a few ideas were dicussed about having "tweaked"
equipments which I think is really a great idea.  Along with Diablo, there
is another game currently --- Warlords III --- uses the same concept, and
those who have played Warlords II and below would know exactly what I


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