Re: [NEWBIE] Vamp stuff (was: really long subj.)

Date: 05/06/98

        >>What I want, is to make it so that every level's exp is
determined as a
> >>percentage of the previous level (i.e. level 20 would require 120%
> of the
> >>exp level 19 required. I hope that makes sense).
        >You'll have to come up with a mathematical equation here.  Into
        >trigonometry and logarythms?  :-)

        >- Chris Jacobson

        it depends what you mean - you could have

        1 = not applicable
        2 = 2000
        greater than 2  : exp to reach next level = 2000 * (1.2 ^

        that would be :
        lev2 = 2000
        lev3 = 2400
        lev4 = 2880

        but i think that would work better on a "you need x experience
to reach next level" type
        system where you reset the players exp to zero after levelling
and adjust the mob exp
        tables accordingly, rather than a "you have scored x experience
points in total and
         you need x to level"

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