Re: [NEWBIE][HELP][LONG- Maybe] Attacker hps = Attacker Hps+ Damagedone to victim.

From: Tony Maro (tmaro@TACSYS.COM)
Date: 05/06/98

You may want to put a faucet on this as such:

While affected, player takes damage every tick outdoors in the daytime (sun)
Player's HP deteriorates if he doesn't kill things
AND.... Maybe he doesn't get flagged for PK while affected... <grin>
Player doesn't have to eat or drink while affected.
Player takes damage in temples?
Maybe things that normally HEAL will damage a vamp.
I wouldn't use a 1:1 ration on absorption - use something like 80% of the damage
is absorbed (Ever noticed that a vamp always spills blood all over himself?)

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Ok, from the subject line you could sort've guess what I want to do...
I'd like a spell that flags a player AFF_VAMP_TOUCH, and while the spell is
active causes him to suck the damage he does to his victim.
I've posted about this before, and although I received a response it wasn't
exactly what I asked for, and being a newbie to Circle I'm not sure how to
implement this spell.

The spell does the following:
When casted he utters some magic words, and everyone in the room sees '$n's
hands grow as red as BLOOD!'
He of course gets the message: 'Your hands grow as red as BLOOD!'
This spell gives him AFF_VAMP_TOUCH, and lasts for 24 MUD hours.
The effect of the spell, is: the number of hitpoints of damage he does to a
player/mob is added to his own hitpoints, even after he's reached his
maxhits. (I think I'll limit this to like 30% of his maxhits, so someone
can't go running around with 2000/600 hp).

The part I need help with, is the actual spell effect, I'm not sure what
I'd use to calculate how many hitpoints to add to him/her.
I'd just like to know what functions to use to get this:
 if(affected by vamp touch)
Attacker hps = Attacker hps + Damage done to victim.

Thanks for any help.

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