Re: Events Boo-Boo and ObCircle: help structs

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 05/07/98

> i don't have the code you posted in front of me, but i don't think i
> remember you type casting the ch *..what i mean is:

urm..never mind would be type casted by the fault..i
use a lot of void pointers, so that's a habit i got into..

i made a patch against bpl12 changing the format of the help table to be
indexed by entry rather than by alias..i think that this might be
beneficial enough to be stock since:
- no more potential memory over run bug (remeber stock alocates 2 times
        the number of entries, which isn't enough if you have more than an
        average of two aliases per entry)
- less confusing - you can get rid of the 'duplicate' variable included
        in the help_index_element struct, the help_table becomes more
- i could more easily write hedit version 2 that will perform the way
        people think it should:)
- requires no changes to the format of the help files (although i think i
        would still make hedit require a single file)

downsides include:
- i believe that there is some speed loss, since there is no sorting or

if anyone wants to look at the patch, drop me a private email (this patch
is just the help structs and required changes, NOT hedit)


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