object timers

From: Travis M. Fuller (travis@IAMERICA.NET)
Date: 05/07/98

If this has been addressed before, I apologize. It seems that the timer
value in oedit doesnt save to disk for objects. I had put in the portal
code from the snippett site and configured my olc so I could create
permanent portals online. Im using olc 1.6a btw.  The problem is
permanent portals need a timer value of -1. This works perfectly when
you create it but the timer value never actually saves to disk.
Therefore, the next reboot, the timer value defaults to 0, making the
portal last 1 tic. I put in an extra instance so it will save and read
the timer value if there is one. My question is how do I make the code
diferentiate between a normal object entry and one with the extra bit to
save timer value? As it is now, I believe it will expect to see a 4th
bit where the timer value would go. If there isnt one, what will happen?

The portal object would look like this:

portal mestari~
a portal~
A glowing portal to Mestari is here.~
24 0 0 -1       <---------- The negative 1 is the extra bit to identify
the timer value
-1 834 0 0
500 0 0
portal gate gateway mestari glowing~
Looking through the portal, you can see the Administration building in

So how would the code read a normal object entry without the 4th bit for
timer value?
Hope this is somewhat clear. Thanks for any help.


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