Extra output in combat Wiklund at "May 5, 98 07:27:04 pm"

Date: 05/08/98

        I hate doing stuff like this, but I have been unable to wrap my
brain around this strange bug/ocurrence.

Here's a combat sample:

< 31hp >
You hit the beggar hard.

< 31hp >
The beggar tries to hit you but you easily avoid the blow.
A beggar is here, asking for a few coins.            <--------- !!!!!
You swing your fist at the beggar, but miss her!

< 29hp >
The beggar barely hits you.
You hit the beggar hard.
The beggar is stunned, but will probably regain consciousness again.

        The noted line is the one I'm having a problem with.  Where the
hell is it coming from??  Whenever a player misses, whether bare-handed
or with a weapon, it inserts the victim's long-description in the middle!

The relevant portion of fight.c:

else if (ch != vict) {  /* Dam == 0 */
        send_to_char(buf, ch);
        send_to_char(CCYEL(ch, C_CMP), ch);
        act(msg->miss_msg.attacker_msg, FALSE, ch, weap, vict, TO_CHAR);
        send_to_char(CCNRM(ch, C_CMP), ch);

has never been altered from stock.  The messages text file has no
abnormalities.  *sigh*  Its probably something silly, but I'd be grateful
if someone could point it out.  Thanks much.
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