Re: [NEWBIE] Question on Regeneration.

From: Pure Krome (Pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 05/11/98

> Remove *_gain() from point_update(), create a new func. called
> gain_update() and call that function every XXX seconds. Setup the delay
> in calls for gain_update() like MOB_PULSE and mobile_activity() is used.
> Farily simple.

I did this a few weeks ago. But the question that stumped me, which i didn't
know how to handle, was in the standard *_gain(), it handles things like 1)
characters position (sleeping, standing, resting..), 2) affects (poison,
hunger, etc) ... etc etc etc

so. How could this be implimented here ? for example.

if i was sleeping .... i would want it to regen 3 hit points every round and a
half (lets just say), while normally it would be 1 hp per round (which is what
it's doing, no matter what). How can you make it similar to the older system ?
Does it require floating point numbers instead of ints == pwipe? Well, maybe
not pwipe, becuase pfile could store as an int, while it gets converted at load
up :). *shrug*


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