Re: [NEWBIE] Question on Regeneration.

From: Usama Hajj (gonzo@KESTREL.SCS.UIUC.EDU)
Date: 05/11/98

I did this a few weeks ago. But the question that stumped me, which i didn't
know how to handle, was in the standard *_gain(), it handles things like 1)
characters position (sleeping, standing, resting..), 2) affects (poison,
hunger, etc) ... etc etc etc

so. How could this be implimented here ? for example.

Express fractional gains (such as 1 hp/tic normally, 1.5/tic sleeping) as
a percentage chance to gain an extra unit amount.  So, sometimes you gain
one and sometimes two (or three, or whatever).  Over the number of tics
most people will be resting, it will all even out (unless they're really

- Nasri.

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