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From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 05/15/98

After about 2 weeks of careful thought and internal searching I have
decided to retire from the mudding community for an indefinite period.
During this period of thought I also realized a few things that I
thought should be addressed on this list:

1) With my passing, SPOOC goes too. The idea was good, but the execution
was not. One of circle's main problems is the fact that it has too many
"download and compile" muds. All it takes is 10 min. to start a
CircleMUD and call it "fully original". This problem is further fueled
by the fact that CircleMUD is one of the best mudtypes out there. Best
mudtype (normally) = more muds = more stock muds. This sequence actually
has another step -- the one where many mudders actually will start
hating circlemuds because of their assumed lameness. When I first
started mudding I had people warning me about CircleMUDs being lame and
horrible and the like solely because of the amount of stock muds out
there. Of course, the "stock muds" part wasnt added so I finally was
stuck thinking that the circlemud platform was the problem. If CircleMUD
wants to better itself, it really needs something like a new SPOOC to
come in and start making a difference. (Note - If anyone wants to use
the mailing list for SPOOC I already have set up, contact me via private

2) Over the period I have stayed in the mudding community there are 2
problems that I think need to be addressed as far as role-playing and
administration go.
Point 1: Admins should NOT seperate themselves from the mortals.
Although IMMs should not be giving mortals EQ and the like, they should
not log in to dissappear also.
Point 2: Things should be made to encourage role playing and the like.
About a year ago an idea for Player-owned/operated castles was brought
up. This was a good idea and I started on the code for it. At about 30%
I stopped working on it. It is ideas like this that need to be worked

Anyways, the meat of this message. Goodbye peoples! DarkStar (my mud)
remains in the care of some other imps that I worked for earlier, and
buildermud is removed (for now).

Lord Fili

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