Re: Netiquette? && [CODE] do_compare

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 05/17/98

AxL wrote:
>         These people, and I will refrain from naming any current ones, need
> to sit back, take a deep breath, and decide if they are really competent
> enough to run a mud.  Running a mud takes time, patience, skill, and
> CODING ABILITY.  A mud should be your expression of the fantasy setting

I am sorry for spamming the list with this one, but I had to comment on

Axl, and to all the other people on the list that think "Running a mud"
and "Coding a mud" go hand in hand.

The do NOT go hand in hand. It certainly benefits the mud if they do.

Do you have to know how to fix your car to drive it? NO.
Do you have to know how to build your house to live in it? NO.
Do you have to know how to code to "Run" a mud? NO.

Administration is NOT the same as Coding/Building/etc!

I can understand some who get fed up with people who ask how to do
things that
can be done if they read the code, manual, or other documentation found
elsewhere (snippet sites, mailing list archives, etc). But for those who
only have a limited amount of knowledge and are asking for help in
certain area's that is just too difficult to try and figure out, it
would be nice to have some of the so-called experts to help them instead
of flame them. Would you tell your inquisitive 5 year old to RTFM?  I
would show her where to find it and hopefully next time she has that
same question or a similar one she will know where to find the answer.
The same goes for a 16 year old who wants to start a mud, or even a 35
year old.

I have changed, added, created code to a mud, but I remain stuck on
square 2 for a bit of code I want to create. I have asked a few veteran
coders, in which they did help me get past square 1. Thank you to them
(sincerely). But, since I am not a true coder, I can not for the life of
me figure out how to do it. I have been biting my time in hopes of
learning more by doing more. Since the start of the new mailing list for
newbies, I will be able to ask questions that if asked on here would get
flamed out the butthole on here.

> that YOU want to have.  A collection of other people's snippets does not
> make a mud.

If the person who wants to have a mud, and wishes to have only a certain
few things in the mud. They have every right to add in those snippets
that give the mud those abilities. Therefor it does make a mud. Does
that also include the stock code? It is not a mud if a plain stock mud
is run? I disagree with the statement given above. I may not like a
stock or basic mud with a few snippets.. but it is a MUD!!!!!!!!!!

One last note, Circle mud to me is a program that will continue to grow.
Those people on here that are beginners will probably be the ones to
carry on the burden of coding CircleMud. If you treat them like dog
doodoo, they will not have the knowledge passed on to them of past
experience. Nor will they be helpful to the next generation. I say,
Teach the newbies, as they may be able to come up with some great idea's
in the future, better ways to code, or what ever.

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