Re: [OFFTOPIC] Chris' Web Page

From: Del (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 05/18/98

That could be an interesting topic, a light that gives off so much light to
allow you to scan further (1 to 3 rooms max or what ever you want it to).

Setting a bit on light for brightness? and check during scan for brightness?
0 = no rooms
1 = adjacent room
2 = two rooms out
3 = three rooms out

hmmm I like that idea!

Now the question is, if the light gives light that far out, will characters
in that radius be able to see?
Does anyone have any thoughts on how to code that part?

Lord Kyu wrote:
>         I was just curious if anyone knows what happened to Chris's CircleMUD web
> page. I have tried mailing him and it doesn't find the address, and the
> page link to his page just loops back to the homepage.
> ObCircle
>         Why is it that sometimes a "light" only lights the room you are in, and
> other times it lights three rooms beyond? I noticed this while doing a
> scan, because it doesn't register in dark rooms, and I know sometimes a
> light does let you show the room name on the exit beyond the first room,
> een if it is dark, depending on what light you have.
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