Re: What a bug!! George at "May 18, 98 09:23:50 am"

From: Christian Loth (sg618lo@UNIDUI.UNI-DUISBURG.DE)
Date: 05/18/98

Hi again,

> I think the "best" way would be for 'damage' to return something other
> void, for how much damage it did do, or maybe a success field.  Then we
> wouldn't have a general function like damage() worried about what all the
> specific skill effects are.

Aye here. That's how we do it, returning a value. Otherwise our
critical hits wouldn't be possible. Although there were thoughts
of completely re-writing the fight system based less on AD&D and
more on the rolemaster system. And rewriting the fight system event
based (note here: RoM events (note2: for Realm of Magic, not ROM
code base) have nothing to do with DG events).

> >but unlike you George, I'm not a 'general' circle coder, but am used
> >to the Realm of Magic code, which is very different at many places.
> >But I promise to improve ;)
> If you start piling on hacks, your code will eventually degrade into a
> jumbled mess of hacks.  I'd classify the SillyMUD magic system (as I last
> saw it) as that. Generalization like the CircleMUD magic system is good
> too, less repeated code.

Actually it isn't. Our concepts are just very different at some places.
And actually it is. Parts of our code are still an ugly C/C++ hybrid
and there is much stuff that is double existing. Oh, and it's not
my code :) I'm 'just' a co-coder ;)

When I'm bored at the weekend and if there's interest I could
rewrite the damage function to return something. In a 'general'
way only DAM_MISSED and DAM_HIT so that it's easily extendable.

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