Re: DG scripts

From: JWoodsIII (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 05/20/98

In a message dated 98-05-20 17:10:00 EDT, ryan@SHIVA.ML.ORG writes:

<< I just got DG scripts and i must say... They kick a$$!
 Im still a newbie but i made some cool elevator for example.
 But theres one problem. My mecho and mechoaround dont work!
 I got the dg from the OCLPLUS.tgz from the snipp site. ANyone else have
 this problem? >>

Hmm...might be seeing it. Any chance your do_say, do_gen_comm, and do_echo
aren't working? I asked for help on this about a week ago, and didn't get any
responses. I have no idea what to do. Only thing I added was MobProgs and
OasisOLCPlus (w/dg, but already had DGEvents), other than that it's stock just won't work. GOSSIP, SAY, EMOTE, ECHO, all broken. (Wiznet does

-JW (aka Elrelet)

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