[password][curruption] I have looked in FAQ

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 05/21/98

I cannot find the faq you were referring to George on my problem.  Players
are able to
log in as other players, using bogus passwords.  It doesn't work for all
players, but some.  There isn't anything consistant about it.  I have
bpl12.  I tried to increase the
max_pwd_length in structs.h from 10 to 20 or even higher, however when i go
to log
on(after I pwiped) I get a segmentation fault when the person gets to the
race type.
So no one can even log on and the mud crashes.  So I put the max_pwd_length
to 10 and then we can log on, but there doesn't seem to be any protection
from bogus
passwords being put in for other players.  Any thoughts, or can you tell me
what you were referring to in the FaQ because I cannot find it.


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