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From: Magik (magik@PYRAMID.NET)
Date: 05/25/98

>Due to some discussion (yeah, right) on rgma, I've been looking at
>implementing a more complete command interpreter in my mud.  This
>new and improved interpreter would not only include a "natural"
>language parser, but improvements to the shorthand stuff as well.  As
>of yet, I'm looking to allow (all of the below should do the same
>  > get 2.bread bag; eat bread; burp
>  > get 2.bread bag; eat it; burp
>  > get second bread bag; eat it; burp
>  > get 2.bread bag | eat ; burp
>  > Get the second bread from my leather bag and eat it, then burp.
>  > Get the second bread from my bag, eat it, and burp.

Well, just taking the perspective of the players point of view, they would
never use the long text format since it would take too long to type in

I think there should be parsing to allow specifying a target, for example:

Room contents:
 A thick leather bound book lies here.
 A thick shield made from leather has been discarded here.
Inventory contents:
 a black thick leather bag
 a large leather backpack
Bag contents:
 a blue rubber ball
 a red rubber ball

A player should be able to type something like:
  get leather-shield                       To get the shield on the ground.
  get ball-blue large-backpack    To get the blue ball from the backpack.
  wear leather-shield                    To wear the shield (after gotten of

My 2 cents.

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