[NEWBIE][CODE] two_arguments

From: Mundi King (kingmundi@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 05/25/98

in spell_parser.c
under the do_cast

  if (t != NULL)
    one_argument(strcpy(arg, t), t);

i wanted to change this bit of code so that spells
can have two arguments, i put in this

  if (t != NULL)
        two_arguments(t, arg1, arg2);
        t = arg1;

now later in the code, i wanted to keep using the regular routines
when nothing has been passed into
arg2, ive tried these checks

  if (arg2 == NULL)

  if (arg2 == '\0')

my question is, have i used two_arguments correctly? and if someone
  c 'fireball' fido
i would assume arg1 would contain fido
what would arg2 be?

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