Re: OLC clear screen

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 05/26/98

> /*
>  * If you want to clear the screen before certain olc menus, set to 1.
>  */
>  #if 0
>  #define CLEAR_SCREEN  1
>  #endif
> it dont clear screen before menus. Whats up with that?

hahaha..this has got to be the record for the stupidest question ever
asked..cough..cough..wheez.. to answer said stupid question..notice the line that says '#if 0'
ok..let's analyze an if statement..if the part following the word 'if' is
false, then the action following the if line won't happen..false can also
be considered NULL, 0, or !TRUE..the CLEAR_SCREEN var isn't being defined
because by definition the if statement is always false..change the 0 to a


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