From: Patrick Merina (MtRicmer@WORLDNET.ATT.NET)
Date: 05/26/98

Hey all...I tried to patch OasisOLCv1.5-bpl12.tar.gz and
OasisOLCv1.6b-bpl12.tar.gz and neither one of them worked..It told me there
was a maulformed patch file...I later found out that with CYGWIN B19 (what
i use with winblows) will not patch anything..so..does anyone know where i
can get a patch program OR does anyone have the RAW .patch file from one of
them (the RAW meaning only the patch code..only) so i can hand patch it?
also..i tried to add color with the NEWest color snippet on Alex Fletchers
(thats for the good work alex) site and it wouldnt work...i got a zillion
error message. Can anyone help?

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