Re: [Newbie][Olc][Win95] Where is the patch?

From: Julian Buckley (buckley@PC.ELEC.UQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 05/27/98

> I have OLC 1.3 installed on my 3.11 CircleMUD. Thing is, zedit new doesn't
> work (makes it crash). I tried finding a patch file, or an upgrade, but only
> came to those .bz2 files found on
> Could someone point me
> an adress where I can get a patch that I can unzip on my machine rather than
> those unix formats?

This is on this mailing list archive.  Spoken about in March I believe.
Bzip2 is a multi-platform archiver, and works with Win95.  Just go to the
bzip2 web page, and download the .exe file.  The .bz2 files are very
easy to unzip, and bzip2 does not take a lot to work.  If it does say
something like "bad archive", make sure you binary ftp it.


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