[Newbie] Mud hanging ..

From: Pure Krome (pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 05/28/98

This is weird ...
i've implimented this bit of code that calls the self-delete code

the player is deleted fine. I relog straight back in, and create the
same char (a char with the same name). It goes to the end of the login
steps in interpreter.c (nanny funct) and then hangs.

Using gdb, i press cntl-c and it prints this out...

Thu May 28 21:52:30 :: Test has connected.
Thu May 28 21:52:32 :: New Player: Test .
Thu May 28 21:52:32 :: Test entering game with no equipment.
Thu May 28 21:52:32 :: Test advanced to level 1
Thu May 28 21:52:40 :: Test (lev 1) has self-deleted.
Thu May 28 21:52:40 :: Losing player: Test.
Thu May 28 21:52:40 :: No connections.  Going to sleep.
Thu May 28 21:52:41 :: New connection.  Waking up.
Thu May 28 21:52:58 :: New Player: Test.
Thu May 28 21:52:58 :: Test entering game with no equipment.

Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x804db7c in act (str=0x810dce9 "$n has entered the game.",
hide_invisible=1, ch=0x875f5f0, obj=0x0, vict_obj=0x0, type=1)
    at comm.c:2018
2018        if (SENDOK(to) && !(hide_invisible && ch && !CAN_SEE(to,
ch)) &&
(gdb) print to
$1 = (char_data *) 0x875f5f0
(gdb) continue

any suggestions where to go. If have NO idea how to use gdb to debug
I thought there was some sorta of loop that isn't terminating (infinite
loop), but the mud fails to say - lost 30 seconds of input or whatever
the 30 seconds loop report line says ....

just hangs ...

please help :)


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