[STOCK-BUG] act.items.c

From: Pheonix Shadowflame (pheonix@IQ-CORP.COM)
Date: 05/28/98

While adding a few eq positions as I saw the "!RESERVED!" keywords for
eq I logged on to my mud and typed wear bread !. I was then able to wear
the bread as a light. You can wear any eq as light or whatever the top
"!RESERVED!" stands for by typing wear item !. I logged on to a few
other circlemuds and the bug was present in all of them. Seems like this
bug could certainly unbalance gameplay if a player exploits it.
I belive this could be fixed by adding \r\n in front of !RESERVED!
to get:
then the only way a player could get it to work is if they managed to
wear it on newline !. Which should be impossible. Or you could add a
chest for
the !RESERVED!. Many other ways to fix it, pretty easy.


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