medit olc and stumped.

From: baktor (baktor@BEDFORD.NET)
Date: 05/29/98


i have oasis olc 1.5 with mobprogs on the mud and all the menus and olc
stuff works good, except mobprogs.  i get the menu like normal ppl do
and i can even select what section of the mob i wish to edit.  Say for
instance i wish to change the mob Sex.  I select that option and it
displays the 0, 1, 2 options for sex and when i select one, say male, i
type in the corresponding number and it sits there, no crash, no error,
sits there.  you can then keep typing numbers and it sits and sits...or
you can hit enter by itself and get a "Field must be numerical, try
again: " message.  If you type letters it does this too (duh), but i can
never get OUT of the question and you have to reconnect to actually get
out. it does this for all the menus and I'm on win95 so i have gdb or
such.  the code for the con states is how it should be, as i have an
identicle mud on yet another win95 machine and everything works...
Anybody know of at least a few pointers Where to track this down?  I've
already checked the con states for the questions, they properly convert
the arg to an int before the case selection or setting.

Any help on this one would be appreciated.

baktor, the stuck in medit imp.

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