Problems after adding two new attributes

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/29/98

I added two new values to the player file in the following
manner: (the values are spd and lck)

In struct char_ability_data I added two new sbytes, spd and lck

In class.c I modifed roll_real_abils and this much seems to be
working correctly.

In db.c I added these two fields to parse_simple_mob and init_char

In utils.h I added new macros to access these 2 new values

I then nuked the player file and recompiled the code. I started
a new char (who starts as an imp) and everything looked okay, the
new stas were present and showed a value of 25.

I then created a mortal char and it seemed they were intially correct
but when I used the reroll command on them, it started setting their
two new values to 25. (I also modified the reroll command before
this point)

Now the real problem, I noticed that the new char keep 'fading' in and
out of 'existence' What I mean is the imp character would type stat
<name> and they would not be there. If I typed some commands with the
mortal char and quickly stated the player from the imp char, it would
find them. It was very strange. I am sure it is the pfile, but I cannot
see anywhere else in the code where I need to modify. I thought those
functions seemed like few for such a modification.

What else did I miss? (I realize there are various 'cosmetic' functions
that also need to be modified but I just want to get it working
at this point. I modified do_stat_char to check the values, that is how
I am
seeing these results. I am sure that code is correct. (but who knows)

Thanks in advance,
btw: This is bpl 12 with Oasis 1.6b

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