Multiple Coins Types

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/30/98

I have added copper and silver coins to the code by adding four more
fields in the player file, silve, bank_silver, etc...

For all prices in the game I will work in terms of copper and I have
a macro that calculates the players raw copper total. My question is,
when a player goes into a shop and buys something, do you start from
the copper and work into higher coin types, thus keeping the players
coins as close to the same as possible or recalculate his coin total
filling gold first and the on down.

For example, Bob goins into a shop with 5050 copper pieces (100 copper
= 10 silver = 1 gold) and buys an item that costs 50 copper. Do you
reflect his new coin amounts as 50 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper or leave
it as 5000 copper?

The reason why, I want to improve the encumbrance system and require
players to bank money and go to money changers to change coin types.
I do not want a player running into the nearest shop and buying a 1
copper piece item in order to lighten his load. In a D&D setting, I
am sure a shopkeeper is not gonna take 5000 copper pieces when the
player has a sack of 50 gold for an item costing 5000 copper.

Maybe I am looking at this whole thing from the wrong angle. Another
thought I had is to not really have 3 coin types, but have one pool
of copper and make it seem like the player has three coin types. But
when dealing with encumbrance I ran into a brick wall again.

I would appreciate any suggestions,

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