Problem with Oasis

From: Chuck Carson (chuck@EDEN.COM)
Date: 05/31/98

I am using pl 12 with Oasis 1.6b and 128 bits.

I noticed that when I use medit or oedit, I get log
entries like this:

OLC: (null) edits mob 1300
OLC: Chuck saves mobiles info for zone 13.
OLC: (null) edits obj 10
OLC: Chuck saves object info for zone 0.

I have looked and looked and cannot see the problem.
I have not touched medit, and I modifed oedit to add
support for some new variables I added to objects. But
I believe it has worked fine since then.

The segment of code that mudlogs that info uses
GET_NAME(d->character) but I cannot track it any

Any suggestions?


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