Re: [Newbie][Utils] Patch and Credits

From: Jon Barrett (mixtli@SINFO.NET)
Date: 06/02/98

didnt work, but worked before
in Japanese, but 13 lines down is the line: -*- 950129 121K GP   patch: GNU patch v2.1 for Win32

>just  a side note to those that post html links...wouldn't it be smart
>to do a quick check to see if they are what you think?  I pulled these

FYI, I went to each site, and downloaded each file myself before ever
posting them to the list.

>windiff.  1 site was japanese, which doesn't help much to most of us, 2

If you looked closely, you would notice that the file names were in perfect

>sites had that html page, but the patch links were definately dead.  the
>1 link never resolves for me...which may be a problem on this end...and

It must have been..

>only 1 site left, which DID work...  I know your not responsible for
>these sites, I know you have no control over search engine results, nor
>are you responsible for ppl who can't look for themselves.  What i

Aye, and I'm not responsible for what works for me and my OS, ISP, etc.,
but wont work on yours.

>personally WOULD do though is if i'm going to bother even posting to
>such a thing, I'd at least make sure I give something ppl can actually
>use...and a quick click to see if it works doesn't take that long to

What I WOULD do is get your facts straight before you go pointing fingers.
I actually needed the files too, and they worked fine for me.  And it's not
my job to make _sure_ you can use it, because what worked for me may not
work for you.  The least it would do is get people off their a$# and use
the free utility called a search engine to find it themseves.

>do...some poor ba$t@rd is trying to get files from your helpful post and
>low and behold he's hung dry. (shrug, dak is rubbing off on ppl)

Maybe it's just people want to be like dak. :P

>now then, with that off me head lets try this ObCircle: thingy

>the list i've not seen it talked about much.  Why not make a new
>function that returns the credits?

I think it would be a great idea.  People might actually start giveing
credit where credit is due.

>2. simplicity for IMPs.  Code the function so that the file is read from
>start to EOF, no delimitors, no cares as to what's in the file.  That
>way all the coder has to do is copy the credits that's normally in the
>readme/patch and paste it into the file...reload it and your done.
>Would somebody approve/disapprove/care for such a thing? Idea's OptionS?

I would say make it hard coded, so then the credits could be included in
the patch file.  Then it would be automatically patched in for those really
lazy people that patch everything.


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