Lost Equipment

From: Edoardo Spelta (espelta@GOEMON.POLITO.IT)
Date: 06/02/98

i'm an implementor of a mud based on CircleMUD 2.2
(i apologize in advance 4 my english..)
My players loose their equipment after the crashes, and i've been trying 4
months to determine what is causing the problem, but still i cant find it.
TJust 5 minuts ago i discovered  a thing: struct obj_flag_data has a filed named
extra_flag which is declared as a 'long', but the same filed belonging
to the struct obj_file_elem is declared as an 'int'..
Cuold it be the cause of my problems ?
Objectes with extra flags above 1 << 16 work correctly, so i think that
somehow objects get written in the rent-files correctly..am i wrong?

Another question: is there something like autoeq.patch for Circle 2.2 ?

thanx 4 reading this..

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