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From: Brian (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 06/02/98

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From: Christoffer Lundberg <avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE>
To: <>
Date: Monday, June 01, 1998 1:47 PM
Subject:  [QUESTION] Messages

>Something has happened to my MUD. The messages that are supposed to show
>when you kick, bash, etc. doesn't show. The code is untouched, the path
>to the messages file is free, everything is like it should be, but still
>not. What can be the problem?

Something similar happened to my MUD... only it wasn't the MUD.  I had a
player that when you tried using socials on them, they didn't see the
messages.  Turns out ZMUD was somehow stripping it out (and this person
doesn't know anything about setting up ZMUD, so they wouldn't have done
this accidentally).

This person deleted the account file in ZMud, started a new one and the
problem went away.

I just wanted to post this for people who might have seen this happen, and
then go searching endlessly in their code (for no reason), only to find
nothing wrong, getting frustrated... =)

 - Brian

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