Re: [msvc][heditv2] free_help bug

From: Joe Rykowski, Sysop (cyklop@CW2.COM)
Date: 06/02/98

SI>> I just installed heditv2 and ran into a small bug.  Whenever I try to save
SI>> internally it calls an assert failure in DBGHEAP.C.  I traced the bug to
SI>> the first free_help call in hedit_save_internally.  I then traced through
SI>> free_help and heres what I found.

SI>ok..i think that the problem is that we are trying to free an element of
SI>the help_table..change the 'free(help)' to:
SI>memset(mess, 0, sizeof(struct help_index_element));

Don't you mean:
 memset(help, 0, sizeof(struct help_index_element));

Thanks for the fix!  I was planning on patching in HEDIT for awhile (had
a builder who wanted it), but never got around to it.. but this gave me a
little incentive.  Works like a charm!  *thumbs up*

Hey, I even learned gdb since this seemed like an easy and very
repeatable bug.. wanted to see what it looked like when it trapped out.  gdb is
very easy.

Looking forward to delving in even deeper into the code.  (I program in
DEC Dibol at work all day.. now I get to program all night and on
weekends in C++.. yippie!  *smirk*)


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