Re: Thoughts About Abbreviations

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/02/98

> > I really like the abbreviation codes, though there are a couple things
>  I have the abbrev. code in and it works for me just fine.

        Have you ever had two characters on - one named Kat, the other
Kathal, and try typing "tell kat hi".  I'd have to assume that based on
the order that you parse them in (probably running through the char list
eventually), you'll always get one or the other.. I can't think of a good
way to write a general function to search for a exacting match (where if
you're looking for 'kat' both 'kat' and 'kathal' match, but 'kat' is more
exact), since you have to create a list to be searched first, and that
varies depending on if you're trying to find items in inventory, or those
in a bag, or the characters in a room, or those in the world...or maybe a

        Well, you get the idea.. if anyone has thought of a solution to
this problem that's general enough to work in all cases, please speak up!


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