From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 06/03/98

> For some reason I start my mud and log on i get to this screen
> Welcome to CircleMUD!
> 0) Exit from CircleMUD.
> 1) Enter the game.
> 2) Enter description.
> 3) Read the background story.
> 4) Change password.
> 5) Delete this character.
> and then it crashes...  And I have no clue why.  If anyone has any help
> please let me know.  I tryed debuging with Microsoft Visual C++ and this is
> what it tells me to be the problem...
> 00407b8c   movsx     eax,word ptr [eax+08]
> but i have no clue what that is...
        As useful as assembly code is, it does not help here.  Some things
that may help though:

        - include any patches/personal changes that you recently
                installed, especially those that could be affecting
                this problem.

        - learn how to use your debugger to get useful information.

        - after using the debugger, quote the parts of the code which
                cause the crash.

  Of course, in general, you may want to search the lists for help as
well, especially if its an error caused (possibly) by a patch, since
others have probably run into it as well.

  I'm curious if the above counts as an obcircle? Well, we'll add one just


        I was curious if anyone had altered the ban code to work with the
username lookup, to ban specific users from a mud.  It seems to be useful
with the number of university and college students, so that way you don't
end up wasting a whole site.

        I'd do it, but recently, I've had trouble making time for myself.


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