Re: Thoughts About Abbreviations

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 06/03/98

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>         Have you ever had two characters on - one named Kat, the other
> Kathal, and try typing "tell kat hi".  I'd have to assume that based on
> the order that you parse them in (probably running through the char list
> eventually), you'll always get one or the other.. I can't think of a good
> way to write a general function to search for a exacting match (where if
> you're looking for 'kat' both 'kat' and 'kathal' match, but 'kat' is more
> exact), since you have to create a list to be searched first, and that
> varies depending on if you're trying to find items in inventory, or those
> in a bag, or the characters in a room, or those in the world...or maybe a
> spell...
>         Well, you get the idea.. if anyone has thought of a solution to
> this problem that's general enough to work in all cases, please speak up!

My solution is to allow players to toggle a flag if they want to turn
abbreviations off.  It takes a little effort to add the flag argument to
all calls to is_name, but with a little macro and sed creativity it can be
done in a few minutes.


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