Stolen Code

Date: 06/03/98


I have not been an active member of this list in probably almost a year,
but I wanted to come by to tell you all about what just happened to me.

A few weeks ago one of our co-imps (who did not have code access)
left QuarantineMUD on semi-bad terms. He didn't say much or pose
much of a problem, so it was really no big deal. However, sometime
last Thursday, he physically stole a zipped copy of our src and our world
directories from my other imp's computer since they were still friends
irl. Now I don't have to tell anyone on this list how crummy and scary
this can be. The worst part of the whole thing is that he took those
files and ran to everyone's favorite mud, Onyx, run by everyone's
favorite person, Winter/Quinn. I'm sure he only went there to piss me
off and until then I still respected the guy.

I had a long talk with Winter and he tells me he deleted the files
after using a few small pieces of code that he thought were interesting.
I'm not sure I believe that, and am checking his mud regularly
for stolen code.

The reason I post here is to humbly ask you people that if this code
gets posted somewhere or submitted to the ftp site, -please- do
not use it. I guess this is mainly directed at Alex but please do
not post this src, as it is 3 years of my work and I'm not ready to
show the whole thing to the world. I thank you for reading this post
and hope that this kind of thing never happens to any you.

I will be unsubscribing from this list again this evening, so if
you want to get ahold of me, please use

  -Dante, Owner and Head Coder at QuarantineMUD
  (who will now encrypt all of his backups)

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