From: Garet Jax (bwheway@SNET.NET)
Date: 06/03/98

Ok, Problem #2 with compiling under OS/2 (The first is fixed thanx

   When I'm compiling, I'm getting these REALLY screwed up errors, and I
can't find any logical reason why they don't work (And it's not ALL of
the DO_* commands) But this is one of the errors I was getting:

interpreter.c:574 (interpreter.o): Undefined symbol _do_wimpy referenced
from text segment

   But like I said, it's not ALL of the do_ commands, it's only the ones
like Wimpy, Toggle, etc. (I also couldn't see ALL of the errors, 'cuz
for some strange reason I can't pipe the output to a text file...)
   Anyhoo, any ideas as to why it's doing this (other then I have really
poor luck with other peoples source code?)
   Oh, one last thing, I checked the visible logic (I'm just beginning
C++) and there's nothing I saw that added that extra underscore to the
beginning of the string (I'm not sure if it's doing that or what, I just
assumed since that's what the output is :>)



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