spell level

From: Travis M. Fuller (travis@IAMERICA.NET)
Date: 06/04/98

Does anyone have an idea of an easy way to determine the level of a long
lasting spell after the caster is gone? Thats vague so heres the
specific thing I want to do...  I added a web spell which prevents the
victim from moving for the duration of the spell. The higher level the
caster, the longer the duration. Now the web spell should be
despellable. But it should take a 30th level clerics dispell magic spell
to dispell a 30th level mages web spell. Or if a fighter is a certain
strength in relation to the level of the mage that cast the web, he can
rip out of the webbing.  So, how do you determine the level of the web
so other spells can act on it. By the way, the web spell is actually an
affect. (AFF_WEB) I thought about basing it on duration but duration
decreases as time passes, making it easier to dispell or break free.
While that might be nice too, Id like to know how to base it off the
level of the caster. Thanks in advance.


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