Re: Patrick Dughi and ban code

From: Stefan Wasilewski (smw@TRITONNETWORKS.COM)
Date: 06/05/98

Thanks Eric,

Guess I should pay more attention to what we release to the public. ;)


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> The DG codebase really has the better implementation of it, as it
> the nameserver/identd code to a separate process, thus reducing
> with nameserver timeouts, identd's that don't respond, etc.
> This functionality was written by Dave Berry (not Barry) while he
> with Eric and I for a few months before DG closed down.
> Have a good day,
> -Stefan
> (aka Puck of DG)

Actually, the ident code in the released version of DG is the same
as what is in TW.  Dave wanted me to take out his ident stuff before
releasing it.  I have a patch against stock Circle available for it
too on the circle ftp site.  Dave's does handle slow nameservers
better, but its about the same for the identd handling (perhaps with
less overhead).


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