Re: BSOD (with the command)

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 06/05/98

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:

> Welp, I tested the BSOD command and it didnt seem to work, because
> whenever I typed it it messed up my comm.c and made it so the dooer of the
> bsod couldnt type shit :/  welp Im gonna go look at it some more and see
> if I can get it to work :)

and the line george put in his mail

>Untested of course

You couldnt type shit and messed up your file, and was untested.
(*giggle*). George add this to your portfolio in your resume and I am sure
your fit in fine at Microsoft, probally start tommorow.......
Its to funny... all a joke of course as in win98

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