Re: Thoughts About Abbreviations

From: Andrey Fidrya (andrey@ALEX-UA.COM)
Date: 06/05/98

> >  I have the abbrev. code in and it works for me just fine.
>         Have you ever had two characters on - one named Kat, the other
> Kathal, and try typing "tell kat hi".  I'd have to assume that based on
> the order that you parse them in (probably running through the char list

Thats why I changed do_tell function in this way:
1) Scan descriptor list for exact match of name & argument
2) Scan descriptor list and check abbreviations
3) Scan character list (if no player with that name found - tell to mobiles)

In other cases you can always use to refer to specific

>         Well, you get the idea.. if anyone has thought of a solution to
> this problem that's general enough to work in all cases, please speak up!

It works pretty well on RMUD.
If you see:
Abcdefg is standing here.
Abc is standing here.
You should type look to look at "Abc".

  Andrey (
    aka Zmey//RMUD

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