From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 06/07/98

I am having extrordinare problems with the GET_SKILL macro, and my
modifed code.  I use the GET_SKILL as basically a simple number.  With
the new way the macro is defined, I can't compile half the MUD.  I
temporarily set it back to the old macro, but I am wondering if there is
some way around this without rewrittinf my code.

Basically, I use a lot of



if (roll_chance(ch, GET_SKILL(ch, SKILL_WHATEVER)))

type calls.  None of these will work with the new macro.  Just so you
know, the roll_chance() is a way of doing a 101-fail-skill roll, with
modifiers based on various skills, room flags, and other factors.

Also, is there a UNIX way to to a multi-file find & replace without
writing a complex script?  I want to do a complete find & replace of the
IS_AFFECTED with the AFF_FLAGGED, but it occurs is so many places, it is
unfeasible to do so.  Also, I have IS_AFFECTED2, IS_AFFECTED3, &
IS_AFFECTED4, so I want to change them all, without too much work.  I can
do so in BBedit, if I download all the code, then re-upload it, but
that's an awful lot of work and transfer time (I figure 20 minutes at my
speed modem) and also if I need to do it again, I want to know how :)

"One hundred years from now, none of this will matter because you and I
will be dead -- unless the Grim Reaper has switched his record-keeping to
a Windows 95-based system, in which case we all might live forever. "
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