Re: sh_int question

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 06/07/98

On Sun, 7 Jun 1998, Quinn ShadowStalker wrote:

> What I ment was in structs.h there are variabls like sh_int max_mana and
> sh_int mana, should I change those to sh_long?  or what?

no just go to each place yiou want a variable to be long instead of signed
short (sh_int and change i.e
- sh_int vnum;
+ long vnum;
then change
- sprintf(buf, %d, vnum);
+ sprintf(buf, %ld, vnum);

You _COULD_ change the typedef in structs.h the typedef ->
typedef signed short int        sh_int;
typedef signed long  int        sh_int;
but this is very cheesy and will cause probally several hundred buffer
problems as well as some other stuff. So I am sorry no quick fix.

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