Re: sh_int question

From: Chuck Reed (master@I-55.COM)
Date: 06/07/98

>> sh_int stands for short integer.  Now, i'm gonna guess short_long doesn't
>sh_int stands for signed short integer I am looking at a online c book
>here. Dont be condecending cause its not nice, its not productive, and it
>makes you look a fool when your wrong.
> > make too much sense eh?
>> try just making them long ints or normal ints.

Oh, well excuse me Mr manners has knocked on my door.  Ok, it's a short
signed int, I'm sure that helped him tons.  Now the lid is blown wide the
fuck off this whole story!  I'm not being condescending.  I'm trying to
help him make sense out of it.  You on the other hand, need to get your
"Play nice or I'm going home" out of my face and deal with it.


Has anyone ever been able to get circle to compile under MSVC 1.0 :)
If so, id love to talk to them.
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