[Newbie] Names / Players VS Mobs & IBS

From: Lord Kyu (shapeshifter@TKA.COM)
Date: 06/08/98


        Well, this is something I noticed do to one of the players in my realm
having the name "Rat". When I try to send him a tell, or type "goto rat" I
usually end up talking to "a sewer rat" or some other mob. I was wondering
if people were aware of this, and if it had been fixed in other versions of
CircleMUD. I guess the fix is easy enough, just make it search for players
first, it is just a pain to go through all of the code and change every
case where it searches for player/mob. Is there a quicker way to fix this?


        Thought I would add something to make this post a little more interesting
(not really more worthwhile) to the reader. I was thinking about removing
most of the things that can be bought like potions, staffs, scrolls. In
doing this, I noticed the scrolls of recall. I am trying to make a mud that
is more challenging for players who are bored with "stock" MUDs. I was
thinking about making a mob prog (with flag) so that certain mobs could
recall people if they attacked them. Same idea as shop keeper's, but rather
than slapping them, they would recall them to their hometown. Easy enough
to make, was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on this.

- Lord Kyu -

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